Born in California in 1982, Justin Kingsley Hall began his culinary career at the age of 16, washing dishes for a catering company. He spent a majority of his youth growing up in San Luis Obispo (SLO) a small but well know college and agriculture town in the Central Coast of California. Although he was enamored with the region, Justin left shortly after high school. Between 2000 & 2011 there would be a few opportunities to soak-in the inspiration of his hometown before moving somewhere new. Life taking him from California to North Carolina, Florida, and now Nevada. It was in 2011 when he first arrived Las Vegas working at Comme Ca a French brasserie formerly located in the Cosmopolitan. Aside from a temporary relocation to West Hollywood, Downtown Las Vegas has been Chef Justin’s home since.

Since living in Las Vegas, Chef Justin has kept himself busy and well rounded in the industry. After working at Comme Ca in both the Cosmopolitan hotel and it’s West Hollywood location, he took an opportunity to teach at the Art Institute of Las Vegas. There he spent five years instructing students in career development, management, and operating the school’s full service restaurant. While teaching he was able to continue working with other chefs around the city. Participating in pop-ups, special events, and catering. In 2015 he started the pop-up series SLO-Boy. His open fire cooking adventures and freelance work taking him to various parts of the valley as well as out of state. Last year Justin returned to brick and mortar restaurant work as the opening Chef de Cuisine for Sparrow + Wolf. Grateful for the opportunity and experience, Justin realized that he was missing his connection to Downtown Las Vegas and the community that he had started a family in. After stepping down from his position he was fortunate to take on a new role as the Executive Chef of The Kitchen at Atomic. Chef Justin Kingsley Hall brings a refined rustic cooking style to The Kitchen. Working to source responsibly and prepare dishes he feels promotes that close sense of community he’s experienced since living downtown. The food reflects the places he has lived and the people that have influenced him over the years.